3:59 by Gretchen McNeil
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This book was a slow start for me, but once I got into it I found it really fascinating. I think some teens will shy away with all of the science talk and the slow start. The subject in this book was really interesting though, I mean doppelgängers! So I'm uncertain if this is Top Ten material. -Britt -HML

I loved this book! Quantum physics, a parallel universe, doppelgangers-great stuff! Started out slow, but was good about four or five chapters in. I normally do not like sci fi novels, but this was really good! Lots of twists and turns! Pat Adams-Allenstown Public Library

I have to agree with the previous reviewers. It took about 1/5 of the book to really get going. There is a lot of science here which I found fun. Parallel universes aren't something seen often in YA lit. This is pretty good, and should be a hit with those who like horror stories. Sharon Flesher, Nashua High South

Josie's life is falling apart -her mother's a workaholic, which caused her parents to split up, and then there's her boyfriend. Suddenly, weird things are happening and she's having dreams about herself, or maybe not herself, but an alternate self -all at 3:59.
The plot and story were good, but I found the writing to be stilted at times. I thought that much of the story was completely predictable, though I admit to being surprised at one plot twist. Some of the science jargon seemed to come from an episode of The Big Bang Theory, but as there was more and more of it, I found myself curious about the theories being considered, and their validity.
Good for middle and high school -aged readers. Probably more of a girl book, due to all of the relationship angst, but I don't think boys would be disappointed, as the sci-fi ideas are compelling. -Kirsten Rundquist Corbett, Sandown PL