Violent Ends: A Novel in Seventeen Points of View by Shaun David Hutchinson and others

This book was a great read that showcased the multiple perspectives of a tragedy. The narrative is never lost during transitions and I felt that each author brought their own style to their piece without losing the central thread. That unique aspect drew me to try reading the book and I was not disappointed in the least. However, this novel dealt with several tough themes, such as bullying, abuse, violence, sex, loneliness and struggle for acceptance etc., and at some points was a heart wrenching read.

So far in the library it has been a surprise hit with patrons, and is the highest circulating new YA book in the collection. I think it's great for older teens because it has a good balance between addressing the many tragic events that occur because of school violence without getting preachy or moralizing, leaving it very accessible for them or any reader. I recommend it highly to emotionally mature readers looking for something with depth and relevance. -- Lydia, Hollis Social Library

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