Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson
PW Ages 14-up, SLJ Gr 9-up
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I had forgotten that I had read this book. It is one of the few nominees on the list that we own, so i picked it up to review. That's when I realized that I had already read it. Not sure how I could have forgotten as this is a very powerful book. Also very scary. the twist at the end is just so chocking. I really wasn't ready for it. Mary, a black girl, killed a white baby who was in her mother's care. ALLEGEDLY. She was nine years old at the time. She went to "baby jail" for six years and then to a group home. This story is all about her survival. This is a gut-wrenching, suspenseful first novel. I do not think it will appeal to boys. If you want a thriller or suspense novel for the list, this is it.
I would give it a maybe. It is not flying off my shelf, out four times since in the year we have had it and one of those was to another library.