Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

Oh Please yes include this book. A historical fiction novel that has heart and action. Wonderful female characters that are strong. A tissue book at the end but you'll never forget the friendship between these two girls! -Amy Inglis Barrington

I just finished this book, and I absolutely loved it. Great strong female characters, its appeal will be for history buffs. I feel it would be a great choice for the Flume Award List- help with rounding out all the paranormal and dystopian romance. Susan Schatvet - Seabrook Library

Read this over the holidays and agree with comments above- great "strong girl" historical fiction. A nice break from the dystopia/vampire trend.
-Mollie Mulligan, Portsmouth Public LIbrary

I agree that this book is a nice change of pace from the plethora of dystopian novels, but also a nice change from the tormented romance of love triangles. While there's a romantic element, the friendship and the historical aspect is what's best. I liked the complexity of how the story unfolded. (Sophie Smith, Nashua Public Library)

Adding onto the accolades this book has gotten: A great "new" point of view in WWII historical fiction, between the military history, role of women, and its settings. A wonderful tale of friendship. Wein's work (in general) can definitely be sophisticated and intricate - this won't be for reluctant readers, maybe even most teens in general. But the ones who are ready to take it on will thrall to it. I think the amount of military history and mechanical info, and WWII setting makes it accessible to boys, despite its female heroines. Awesome twists in the plot, very emotional journey, and amazing characters (even the bad guys). This would be a great book for the final list. - Liz G, Merrimack

Yes, by all means please include this book in the Flume list. As it is historical fiction, it adds some variety to the steady stream of dystopian, fantasy and romance novels we've been seeing. The ending, although a bit shocking, is a welcome change from the neatly tied up, happy ending we usually see. I don't know how broad its appeal will be, but those who take the time to get into it, will be very happy.
Heidi Grant, Nashua North High School 3/11/13

Heartwrenching,exciting, the story of two best friends, a really good story that pulls you in, but the ending is tough. Good role models for girls. Worth the read. ~ Susan Rhodes, Laconia High School