Death Cloud by Andrew Lane

I loved this book! Officially sanctioned by the A.C. Doyle Estate, this is the tale of how young Sherlock Holmes becomes the Sherlock Holmes we all know and love. Always an observant boy, in this tale, Sherlock begins studying with a tutor who schools him in deductive reasoning and informed observation. It was delightful to observe Sherlock's intellectual growth! We also see the beginnings of his pugilist career and his opium addiction.<br/>A wonderful book for both boys and girls middle school and up.
-Kirsten Rundquist Corbett -Lane Memorial Library, Hampton

I enjoyed this one a lot too, and also think it would have a lot of appeal to both boys and girls. I think it would be a great addition to the final list. --Caitlin, Bedford Public Library

This is a very fun mystery. Great action/adventure, intriguing premise that has a pretty satisfying outcome, and the characters are likeable and/or interesting. My only exposure to the Holmes cannon is the BBC version and the Downey Jr. movies, so I sort of missed the socially-awkward, manically-driven nature that both of those Sherlock's have (and since it's the same for both interpretations, I figured that came out of the original cannon, but maybe not since Death Cloud is the only sanctioned spin-off?). I couldn't see the teen version of Holmes turning into the type of Sherlock we have seen in modern versions - except for his arrogance when he figures it all out. That rang true. But despite that picky and debatable argument, it is an awesomely drawn story for any mystery or adventure fan, and would be a nice addition. - Liz, Merrimack Public Library

I have read most of the original Sherlock Holmes stories and I have seen several movies and listened to radio plays, I'm also slightly obsessed with the newest incarnation of my favorite consulting detective (BBC's Sherlock). I'm going to download this book today. I cant wait to see how this Holmes fits in with the rest.
*Update* This story feels authentic and brand new at the same time! Good for both male and female readers of a very wide age range. This is my favorite book right now. The violence may be too much for young readers but it is shown in a way that does not glamorize or promote violence which I appreciate very much. The character of Sherlock is his own person, but I have no difficulty believing the teenager in this book will grow into the man I have read about in Doctor John Watson's journal for years!
-KA ACML/Litchfield

I have to agree that this should be on the final list. It is a fantastic read and will appeal to boys and girls.
Brittany Moore - Hall Memorial Library