Heist Society by Ally Carter

I really enjoyed this one, though I thought I might not.
Kat has successfully gotten out of the family business by doing one last job: getting herself into a prestigious private school, and living a normal life. Unfortunately, the world of thieving hasn't finished with her. She is sucked back into the life to save her father when someone frames him for a job stealing from the wrong man. Then Kat has to form her very own Heist Society to find and steal back the stolen goods, saving the lives of her father and her friends and family in the process.
A good action story, with a few unexpected twists and turns, and just a dash of romance.
Great for middle school and up, for both boys and girls, if you can got boys to overlook the female main character. There's enough adventure to suck anyone in!
Kirsten Rundquist Corbett, Lane Memorial Library, Hampton NH

I thought this book was really fun, and I enjoyed the sequel also. (And I just noticed that there's another one due out soon!) It had more action and mystery than the kind of book I usually like, but I think it is widely appealing and I've suggested it to a number of teens. (Sophie Smith, Nashua Public Library)

This was an OK book with enough action to keep people reading. The history involving the art stolen by the Nazis was a pretty interesting twist. ~ Sharon Flesher, Nashua High South