Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

My favorite book of 2012! High school senior Wade searches for clues through 1980s pop culture, to solve the ultimate Easter egg hunt. I'm not even a gamer, and I loved it! -
Cristy Smith, Pembroke Academy

I really liked this one! I gave it 4 stars when I read it. Though I bet it does appeal more towards my generation who grew up in the 80s. I have to wonder how much a person would enjoy it who didn't know a lot of those 80s references. Because it's at least as much about 1980s pop culture as it is about gaming. - 1/13 Julie @ Nashua

This book had a little of something for everyone: mystery, thrills, intrigue, good vs. evil, geekdom, gaming, a lesbian, a guy with Asperger's syndrome, it was just fun. I feel that it is great fit for the list. ~ Sharon Flesher, Nashua High South

HUGELY popular at our school. The boy from here who nominated it was on his third reading. It has definite boy appeal. As Sharon said, it has a little of something for everyone. I have asked kids whether the 80's pop culture references were a problem. Some said they didn't get them, but it didn't matter. Others said they spent a lot of time Googling them because they wanted to know more. I highly recommend it for the list.
Kathy Pearce, Oyster River HS

I enjoyed this title--listened to the downloadable, thought it was fun, good appeal for males. I was the mother of young babies in the 80s and didn't get all the references, but it still worked for me. I'd recommend it for the list.
Mary Lockhart Howe Library

I loved this book and recommended it to all my friends who were also children of the '80s. Not sure if the pop culture references will prematurely date it or just add to the appeal. It had not occurred to me that high-schoolers would find it appealing, but I am glad some do. It was a fun read with some great world building.
Catherine, Gay-Kimball Library

I really enjoyed this one too. A great appeal for gamers which is great because it's trickier to get a book into their hands. My boyfriend had actually read this first and told me I should read it so that I could recommend it to the teens. It was a really remarkable story. I think what Kathy said about the kids Googling adds even more reason for this book to be on the list. It makes them more informed (albeit about 80's video game culture) so maybe they will start Googling other thing in other books and in turn reading more? Hopefully.
Brittany Moore - Hall Memorial Library

I've only read the first part of this, but I'm already nominating it for Final List. Such a great story and I have only put it down because I've had to attend to real life. Otherwise I'd hole up in a van like Wade and finish it from cover to cover. - Liz G, Merrimack