A Face Like Glass

A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge
Originally published in Britain in 2012, wider US release in 2017
SLJ Gr 5-up, PW Ages 14-up
Numerous starred reviews.

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Was nominated previously, and did not make list because of lack of availability (which it now has). Below are reviews from last nomination:

I haven't read this one, but checking Amazon, it looks like availability will be an issue; Amazon has no new copies in stock so purchase from another vendor would be necessary, and Baker and Taylor sells only the British version. Also, only one library in the state has it in its collection. I'm voting no for the Flume based on that info. :)
Lisa Houde, Rye Public Library

Starting, as this book did, in cheese tunnels, I was afraid at first that I was going to be reading about anthropomorphized mice, but luckily, this was not the case.
Neverfell is discovered as a child of, perhaps, 5 or 6, in the cheese tunnels of Grandible, a cheesemaster in the underground world of Caverna. He apprentices her, but makes her wear a mask whenever there is company, leading her to believe that she is hideous. As the title might suggest, there is something entirely different going on with Neverfell's face, something that nobody else has. In this underground world, people are born expressionless, and only with great effort/expense do they learn different expressions or Faces.
Although it took me a bit to get into, by the time I traveled with Neverfell from the seclusion of Grandible's tunnels through friendships and court intrigue to the final pages, I was thinking words like Brilliant and Clever and Original. I can't recommend this book enough! It's a dense book, but well worth the journey. A great book for teens and adults.
Lisa, I'm so sad that you're right! We can't possibly pick a book that nobody can get, but boy would I have liked to see this on the final list!
-Kirsten Rundquist Corbett, Sandown Public Library 3/6/14
*Addendum* I still recommend this book for Isinglass or Flume. I was thrilled when it was published here, and purchased it for my library right away, as well as the sequel/companion book. -KRC, Dudley-Tucker Library, Raymond 3/19/18